FragOut Roleplay was founded in 2020 and officially launched for the first time in November of 2020. Since then, our small little community has grown exponentially and we’ve made constant changes and improvements to the framework of our community and our server to make the experience(s) better for everyone! Our community is centered around YOU. What story will YOU create here?

Our Mission.

We’ve said since we first started talking about developing a FiveM roleplay community that we wanted to create somewhere for people to feel at home, and for people to feel comfortable. We all had experienced the struggle of trying to find somewhere we really felt at home, bouncing from community to community and never finding one that we really fell in love with. This struggle is what led us to decide to finally just create our own community. Thus, FragOut Roleplay was born.

Far too often, we’ve seen communities that likely started with good intentions turn to greed and disrespect their community as a whole. We’ve seen communities where the community leaders only catered to those who donated massive amounts to their community; meaning the opinions and voice of those who either didn’t want to or couldn’t donate to them were never heard or listened to. We’d like to think we’ve done a great job so far of not listening only to our donators, but to our community as a whole. We know that without YOU, the members of our community, our community would be nothing. We can’t pick and choose who we cater to and listen to. If we’re going to listen at all, we must listen to our entire community as whole. 

What Sets Our FiveM Server Apart?

Diverse, Balanced Economy

While we don't exactly give money away, we'd like to think you don't have to spend weeks grinding, just to afford a decent vehicle.

Countless Opportunities

Busy body? We're constantly working to add more activities and jobs for people to do throughout our city!

Quality RP

We have high expectations for roleplay here. This is an escape for most of us, so we want things to feel as real as possible.


Want to help fight crime? Get those criminals off the street? LSPD is almost always hiring! Think you've got what it takes? Apply Today!


If you've got a thing for saving lives, our EMS Department, Pillbox Medical Center, is looking for you! Start saving people today!

Import Cars For ALL

Most communities limit their "import" cars to donators only. Not us. We believe everyone should have that opportunity.

Interested in Joining?

We’d truly love to have you! Our FiveM Community is Non-Whitelist meaning there is no application process to join, simply join our Discord below, familiarize yourself with some of the basic information shown, and create YOUR story!

What Others Think of Our Community

We kindly asked members of our community to write some brief testimonials describing their time in our community! Here’s a few of them.

"Fun, Loving, and Growing community. Staff listens and cares about your ideas and can help you achieve them, within reason. It has great foundation to become something truly great. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as we all grow as a community together."
@Sucuda - Member Since 2020
"Fragout Community is a new an improved community from the ashes of an Old style. I have had an amazing time in this city so far and I can not wait to see what is in store for the future! The staff here is absolutely amazing and I personally have had a close experience with all of them for quite some time now. They have poured their heart into this city and it shows! The FragOutRP Team is an awesome team and I hope you stop by to come check out the city as it has so much to offer with so much more to come! I will be staying here for a long time as they listen to you and what you have to say. The rest of the community as a whole is no different than the staff just as eager to help you with anything you have issues with! I hope to see you in the city from the GSF Gang... Stay breezy!"
@CherbisMcGerbis - Member Since 2020

Server Status